Timbaland Boots the Show

The “One and Only” Timbaland refused to perform at a Flint, Mich. charity show due to Club Bleu’s “Miscommunication” about his champagne choice. The charity show held in Detroit was for residents affected by Flint’s poisoned water supply. When the club served the wrong brand of champagne, “Dom Perignon” instead of “Ace of Spades” Timbaland threw his “Hands In The Air” and refused to perform.

Despite the mix-up Timbaland and his entourage went on to finish an entire collection of liquors provided by Club Bleu.
Paid in advance, Timbaland was booked to DJ and perform five to eight songs before a crowd of 300+. After the liquor shenanigans, Timbaland took the stage for 1 hour as he stood and nodded as another DJ performed. Just after 2 a.m. Timbaland was nowhere to be found. Looks like Timbaland needs to “Ease Off The Liquor”.
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