Who's Your Hotline Under? Drake Blings with T-Mobile

Drake’s “Hotline Bling” has taken over the radio airwaves, and the song is taken over the Super Bowl next. Drake partnered with T-Mobile to recreate the video for the song for a commercial during the big game. Just like the original video for the song, Drake does his oh-so iconic moves in his famous turtleneck, but takes on the role of a corporate sellout. To continue the phone network’s “beef” with others, tailored-suit wearing corporates (representing the others) walk in during the shoot to stop Drake in his tracks to tell him he has to change his lyrics to represent their different restrictions and charges.
This is just the latest ad released before the game, and there is many more to come. Tune in on Sunday to see what commercials will be aired!
 - Jaida Bayton
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