Grande Performance

Ariana Grande proved that The Way to really gain America’s love was to host NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Her first time hosting and second time on the show proved that she isn’t as childish as the world may see her as.

During her opening monologue she mentioned her 2015 doughnut scandal which showed her and her boyfriend licking doughnuts they had not paid for. Ariana told SNL that she was ready ‘to be caught in a real scandal, you know? Something to take my career to the next level.’ Something I think we would all be very intrigued by, more so than her half up half down hairstyle.

The show highlights were her performance on her celebrity scandal, when she was working as a tidal intern, family feud: celebrity edition, and her Sound of Music parody. Grande showcased her beautiful voice, hilarious comedic skills, and bubbly personality to the SNL viewers who fell in love with the Nickelodeon star’s charisma and hilarious spirit to the world.  
-Aliya Drake
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