Quincy The Comedian

Meet Quincy Jones, the comedian and not the record producer. Jones is a 32-year-old comedian who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2015. His one wish is get the opportunity to record a stand-up special and get it on HBO or Netflix, a wish he let Ellen DeGeneres in on when he took a visit to her talk show. The comedian and his friends were looking to raise money to produce the stand-up show, and Ellen donated $10,000 to the project.
Jones recently made his second appearance on Ellen and the host had some special news for him. “…Your people didn’t even tell you this, buy HBO is going to air your special.” DeGeneres also gave him an additional $15,000. It was clear that Jones was nothing short of blessed for this opportunity. He is scheduled to record the special on April 4 in California, and it it set to air on HBO this spring.
Jaida Bayton

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