Hands Up Don't Shoot The Gorilla

The drama continues as people continue to defend Harambe the gorilla and question whether he was protective of the child or agitated. The views are split down the middle as many experts and viewers fire back by saying that the gorilla had the ability to crush the child without trying. Some bystanders say the gorilla was dragging the child and others say he was only startled and helped the child by fixing his clothes and pulling his pants up.

In case you missed the story, a 3-year-old kid slips into a gorilla cage at a Cincinnati Zoo, Harambe was fatally shot and the boy was saved and treated at a local hospital. Now that's a story he can tell for a lifetime.

Social media was flooded with post debating whether the gorilla should have been shot. Many fired back by saying that the gorilla receives more sympathy than when an African American is fatally shot.

Jasmine Deloatch
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