Johnny Depp’s Band Gets Backlash From his Divorce

Fans call themselves teaching Depp a lesson after boycotting his rock band The Hollywood Vampires at a Swedish Concert. Boycotters have taken over social media with a campaign to boycott the alleged woman beater due to recent accusations.

 Depp and Amber Heard have been undergoing an extremely nasty divorce. A restraining order has been placed on Johnny Depp after Heard accused him of beating her in the head with a cellphone. She adds that the fight was drug and alcohol influenced. Pictures were also released of Amber’s bruises.

Depp’s friend, comedian Doug Stanhope isn't hopping on the abuse bandwagon just yet. He released info that Depp told him prior to the divorce that Amber was going to leave him and try to blackmail him in every way. He admits that he and other friends have seen Depp’s soon to be ex-wife be very manipulative, but no one wanted to speak up against legend Johnny Depp.

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