Michael Out

A bittersweet day for the ‘Kelly and Michael’ show as Michael Strahan departs for ‘Good Morning America’. 
Kelly comes out in a dramatic all black ensemble and they share a seemingly endless embrace and say goodbye to the ‘Kelly and Michael’ show.

The duo seem excited for Strahan's new venture and thankful for the experience to work together. Despite the rumored tension when the news was first released, Kelly spoke very highly of her time with Strahan and recited an utmost genuine goodbye.

“There's nothing you can't do.”- Kelly

“I really do have to thank Kelly. I mean you've changed my life, you really have”- Michael

  Michael says his last words as he proceeds to drop the mic and catches it in a joking matter. America can officially mark the completion of the ‘Kelly and Michael’ show. Strahan leaves with, “Michael Strahan signed out. Peace.”
-Jasmine Deloatch
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