Robin Wright Demands Equal Pay

      Bringing her first lady role outside of her Netflix character, Wright takes charge to get what’s hers. Wright demands equal pay to that of co-star Kevin Spacey. After realizing that her character had topped Spacey’s in popularity, she felt that she wasn’t being paid fairly.
      The ‘House of Cards’ actress plays her cards and wins. Wright threatened to go public if they didn’t have her money on time. She shares that there are few films or television shows where the patriarch and matriarch are equal, however, now they play fair on ‘House of Cards’.
      Don’t call it a trend since historically women make 78 cents to every dollar men make but just weeks ago hollywood women have been fighting to get what’s theirs. Patricia Arquette brought life to the issue front and center in 2015 at the Oscars and Charlize Theron also got a huge payday after demanding her fair portion for her Snow White and The Huntsman role.

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