Ayesha’s Mild Temperament Escalates During Twitter Rant

The Curry family is seen as the NBA’s and society's model family. Steph, a two-time MVP and NBA champ, strongly supported by a loving and seemingly flawless wife, Ayesha would be considered by most as “relationship goals”.
Mrs. Curry is known for a mild and modest temperament and girls all over strive to resemble Ayesha’s mature and noble nature. It is unquestioned that she is passionate about Steph and what he does and will step out proudly for her family at any costs. Ayesha has become rather active on twitter lately, in regards to defending her own.
With the Cavs down 3-1 in the NBA finals, Golden State looked to be in the driver's seat and moving on to their second NBA title in two years. But the outcome of Game 5 produced a much-needed victory for Cleveland and juicy mesh-pool of drama. During the game, an altercation between LeBron James and Draymond Green lead to a questionable flagrant foul (which was reviewed by the league) that ultimately lead to a Draymond Green one game suspension. This was a huge blow to the Warriors because as the series got tighter they would be without their most versatile player and emotional leader. In a press conference the following day, Lebron James was asked about his feelings towards the altercation and comments made by Golden State guard, Klay Thompson. James responded to the comment by explaining that he would take the high road in this situation as he has done all 13 years of his career. After this comment was made, we would soon see Ayesha Curry’s first fiery twitter reaction regarding the NBA finals. She was quoted sub-tweeting at Lebron with this response, “High Road. Invisible bridge used to step over said person when open floor is available left to right.”
Of course, this tweet was pointed at Lebron and his questionable decision to step over Draymond Green during Game 5 (which many believe the action was committed to provoke Green into an altercation that would ultimately get him suspended). No one had ever seen Ayesha Curry in this form before. No one had ever seen her making underhanded remarks towards players on opposing teams. No one had ever seen Ayesha as possibly controversial. Well, we can now see that she does not have a problem at all expressing herself in the public realm via twitter with her latest comments, as the Cavs have stormed back to force a Game 7.  She is on the record tweeting that she has lost all respect for the league claiming that it is “rigged for money... or ratings.” Accompanying the drama, was Ayesha’s next set of tweets regarding a situation in which she believed that her father was racially profiled within Quicken Loans Arena. During Game 6, NBA security was on high alert for a con artist that had been illegally entering NBA games. NBA officials asked to check the credentials of Ayesha’s father and she was highly offended by the actions; tweeting, “Police racially profiled my father and told him to remove his credentials and tried to arrest him. It’s been a long night for me. I apologize.”
These disputatious and accusatory statements coming from a woman that many view as a saint is appalling. Now, no one is saying that Ayesha cannot speak her mind but, people are caught off guard by some of her recent accounts. The comments may express how she truly feels, however, they are seen as an antithesis to the image she has built for society. It may be smart to not tweet openly about her feelings within the heat of the moment for her own sake. Just as fast asthey can come to love you, you can fall out of their graces at the same rate.   

Andre Toran
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