SCOTUS has spoken! A major win for Affirmative Action supporters and twitlash from Black twitter towards the woman who brought on the 8-year long lawsuit with #beckywiththebadgrades.

The courts upheld affirmative action at The University of Texas, a court battle brought on by Abigail Fisher who claimed she was denied admittance to UT because she is Caucasian. However, it was revealed in court documents that Fisher actually had grades lower than 47 students who were admitted, 42 of the 47 being white.

Social media put Ms. Fisher on blast with beckywiththebadgrades hashtag trending!

But is it fair to call her “becky” which has become the current racial slur for a white woman made wildly popular in Beyonce’s Lemonade track?

Here are some of other comments that were posted.

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