Celebrities Take A Stand For Orlando

Lady Ga-Ga breaks down in tears as she visits a vigil for the Orlando shooting. She gives a speech in honor of the 49 murders that took place in the Orlando gay night club.

“We mourn the tragic loss of these innocent, beautiful people. Let’s all today pledge an allegiance of love to them and to their families who are suffering so deeply. They are sons and daughters. They were fathers and mothers. They are all our brothers and our sisters. But, tonight I will not allow my anger and outrage over this attack to overshadow our need to honor those who are grieving truly for their lost ones; lost members of the LGBT community.”

Jimmy Fallon began The Tonight Show with an emotional response to the tragedy that overtook Orlando. He expressed his concerns as a father and concerns with hate crimes in America.

"As you know, early Sunday morning there was another senseless shooting, this time at a dance club in Orlando, Florida. A dance club. It left 49 people dead, which is the largest loss of life due to a terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. This country was built on the idea that we do not all agree on everything. That we are a tolerant, free nation that encourages debate, free thinking, believing – or not – in what you choose. I, as a new father, am thinking: What do I tell my kids? What do I tell them about this? What can we learn from this? What if my kids are gay? What do I tell them? Maybe there's a lesson from all this. A lesson in tolerance. We need to support each other's differences and worry less about our own opinions. Get back to debate and away from believing or supporting the idea that if someone doesn't live the way you want them to live, you just buy a gun and kill them. Bomb them up. That is not okay."

Anderson Cooper read the names of victims with tears and with his voice choking.

"In the next two hours we want to try to keep the focus where we think it belongs, on the people whose lives were cut short," Cooper said."They are more than a list of names. They are people who loved and who were loved.”

Anderson writes via twitter, "They are more than a list of names. They are people who loved and who were loved."

Jasmine Deloatch
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