Justin’s Misinterpreted Comment

Justin Timberlake posted a tweet in support of Jesse Williams and it seems his fans don't think he's too supportive. He received numerous backlash via social media and had a response for the negativity.

Tweeters seem to be outraged that while Timberlake is “emulating black culture”, he still is concerned about black well-being. He also got backlash from the Janet incident. Remember the Super Bowl when everyone thought he had pulled her top off? A comment was left asking if he was going to apologize.

After trying to respond to a negative comment and tweeting it for everyone to see on his TL, he attempts to explain himself and it seems as if the singer has already said too much.

Twitter thumbs were furious and spitting back tweets after Justin’s comment that “We are all the same”. He tweets that he feels misunderstood, however the sympathy card didn't work for this one! The memes are steady coming.

Jasmine Deloatch
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