Kerry Washington Sheds Light On Domestic Abuse

        Fierce ‘Scandal’ star Kerry Washington just boldly announced to women across the world, that “there is a way out”. Washington is one of those women that will fight the right fight and this time she's fighting for our women.

       Kerry is partnering up with the Purple Purse Foundation, a foundation sponsored by Allstate, to bring awareness to the matter. She publicly voiced her opinions at The White House on Tuesday at the United State of Women Summit. Kerry began working with the Purple Purse Foundation three years ago. The foundation has been working for twelve years to give women the tools and resources that they need to get out of violent situations.
      “We design a purple purse every year because it may be hard to talk about black eyes, it may be hard to talk about broken bones, but who doesn't like to talk about an 'it bag'?” Kerry stated during her quick speech at the summit. The bag represents freedom for women suffering from violence. “We design the bag to raise awareness and to raise funding. And so I ask you to help me today.” The hashtag #FreeToWalk, was created to in alignment with the Public Service Announcement launched by the foundation. Kerry will be designing a new bag this fall, to bring even more awareness and funding to the forefront.

Ashley Lambert
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