Snoop Dogg Not "The Shiznit" at Pitching

The rapstar definitely didn’t ‘feel like he was ballin’ at the San Diego Padres game. Snoop seemed ecstatic to be on the field, but soon learned it’s a Doggy Dog world. Snoop
didn’t quite drop it like it’s hot, this throw nearly hit the camera guy. Maybe next time they’ll clear the field?

Snoop Dogg may love the game, but the game didn’t love him back.  He didn’t seem bothered and played it off easy, thanks to a little too much smoke? Maybe the chronic is to blame for that poor throw. Snoop crip walked off the field.  Surely after remembering 50 Cent’s pitch, the rapper knows it ain’t nothin but a G thing!
-Jasmine Deloatch

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