The President Joins in on the GOT Fun

       Even President Obama, a self-professed Game Of Thrones fan cannot name everyone who has died on the show. The action-filled attention-getter adds more suspicion each episode. Although those just watching the show may be on the edge of their seats, the fans who have read the book already know the story.

       The character Cersei kills everyone, even her husband, and becomes queen. She was married, but in love with her brother, how gross! She eventually has her husband killed after the marriage went south. Even her last son she had with her brother jumps out of a window and kills himself! Any of this remind you of the Godfather baptism scene of the century? In The Godfather he kills his sons while he's attending a baptism. That was a classic, could The Game of Thrones be on it's way to a classic too?

As for the President, how much he knows about the show isn't a concern for the show runners. Weiss, a show runner says that finding out that the President wanted advanced copies was an “ah-ha” moment.

Jasmine Deloatch

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