Did Drake find his Love or is Rhi a Heartbreaker?

Drake tells Manchester crowds that he's slowing getting his heartbroken by pop star sensation, Rihanna. He brings her out on stage and introduces her as the most beautiful and talented women he's ever seen. Fans are dying to know if it's passion or publicity. Drake drops various names in his songs of different girls he's dating and has been known to be an attention seeker. By surprise, the Rihanna relationship is the one fling that viewers take seriously! In the past Rhi has told interviewers that work has gotten in the way of every love affair but she’s not calling out ‘SOS’ anymore!

Rihanna was seen going into Drake’s hotel after a dinner date with the rapper. Seems that things are steaming up after three nights together so far. So much for Summer and Courtney, the flings that often pop up in Drake’s rap songs! The Rapper seems to have moved on and is ‘Taking Care’ of someone else and it’s ALL ‘Summer sixteen’!!

Jasmine Deloatch
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