Former Beauty Queen Charged with Child Abuse After Her 4-Month-Old Tested Positive for Cocaine

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Former beauty queen and TV news reporter, Krystin Rae Lisaius is now facing child abuse charges after breastfeeding her 4-month-old just 12 hours after doing cocaine. The 26-year-old and her husband Somchai Lisaius rushed the baby to the hospital after the child appeared lethargic and unresponsive.

Sources say that the couple had attended an event on May 14th earlier that day. Once they returned home that night, the couple invited over a friend for an “after party.” With their child asleep, the couple admitted to police that they did the drug cocaine. The friend who was later identified as “Thomas” admitted to police that he saw Krystin “do one line of coke on the master bathroom countertop… through a rolled up receipt.”

The next morning Lisaius says she breastfed the baby around 8am. About thirty minutes later, the couple noticed the baby’s eyes were rolling in the back of its head and was very lethargic. They then rushed the child to Oro Valley Hospital. When the hospital staff informed her that they would need to conduct a blood test, the reporter refused and took the baby to another hospital. After arriving at a second hospital, court papers say they refused a blood test once again but the staff was able to detect cocaine from a urinalysis.

Social workers along with police interviewed the couple separately who both initially denied the allegations. Later, Krystin finally admitted to police that she had done the drug the night before but didn’t think “the baby would be affected after approximately 12 hours.” Police conducted a search of the couple’s home in which they found cocaine residue on the master bathroom countertop. A bag containing approximately 1.58 grams of cocaine was also confiscated from the home.

Krystin’s mother currently has custody of the child but Krystin was granted contact. The couple’s attorney Michael Piccarreta commented, “I anticipate they will demonstrate that they have learned a very hard, embarrassing lesson and that this will become a footnote in their life, not a chapter.”
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