Melania Trump Steals First Lady Michelle Obama's Speech

Will plagiarism during the presidential campaign be accepted? Will plagiarism in politics generally be accepted? July 18, 2016, Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention, it was no longer questionable whether Donald Trumps campaign is a joke but fact!

His 43-year-old immigrant wife gave a speech that nearly word for word identified with Michele Obamas in 2008. Melania Trump discussed family, setting an example for the generations to come, values and work ethic. The exact same speech First lady Michelle Obama gave at a  Democratic National Convention.

Wheres the originality, the sincerity?

The similarities did not go unnoticed. As eyebrows raised the Trump Campaign denies all accusations of plagiarism. The Campaign Manger insists that Melania speech derived from her own experience as a mother, wife, individual and immigrant.

The side by side transcripts of the two speeches didn't lie.

Though  the former model looked stunning in her $2,190 white Roksanda Ilincic dress, it did not take away from the fact she stole Michelle Obamas speech Verbatim.

Quick to shift the spotlight, Donald Trumps campaign chair Paul Manafort puts attention on Hillary Clinton. This is once again an example of when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton she seeks out to demean her and take her down.”  He blames Hillary for the whisper of plagiarism.

Does Democratic Presidential nominee Clinton really have to try and demeanMelania Trump? It appears she has already done so herself by giving a speech that was already given 8 years ago thinking no one would notice.

The Trump campaign sticks by their message that Melanie did not plagiarize, that she utilized   common words and values.

Taylor White
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