Obama Sings Happy Birthday to Malia

The 4th of July is known for a time of celebration and being together. Just so happens that Malia Obama shares her birthday with the infamous holiday. While everyone was cooking out on the grill, the Obamas celebrated Malia’s 18th birthday – and what is a birthday celebration without singing?

Everyone gathered together for a celebration for military members and administration for the 4th. In the middle of the program President Obama grabbed the mic for a special surprise for his daughter. In honor of Malia’s birthday, Obama sang his own rendition of happy birthday in front of America.

"It's a job of a father to embarrass his daughters. I've got one last job," he said during the celebration right before singing the "Happy Birthday" song.

Though it sounded like he might have been getting over a cold, in the mist of him singing Malia came and gave her father a heartwarming hug.

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