Protests Lead to Hundreds of Arrests

What many say was meant to be a peaceful protest took a turn for the worst after they were met with militarized police with guns drawn. Over the weekend, the streets were crowded worldwide, from the US to the UK with picketers standing for black lives.

Videos show police dragging even children off of sideways and demanding the protest be moved. Those who claim that they were on their own private property says that they were also attacked.

A young mother and educated nurse was arrested when she decided that she had had enough of Baton Rouge war-ready, gun-drawn police. She stood in front of police still, with arms folded and many are demanding to know what her ‘crime’ was.

Fifty protesters were forced into the back of police vans in Baton Rouge, as well. A handful of arrest were also made in Atlanta. In Portsmouth, Va, protesters blocked off highways and police remained peaceful by asking the protesters to leave without force or violence.

Jasmine Deloatch
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