The Wilson's Enchanting Wedding

The Wilson’s wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale!  Ciara and Russell took it back to the 19th century in the breathtaking Peckforton Castle. On Wednesday, family and friends, a guest list of 100 people gathered in Cheshire, UK to witness this couple tie the knot.
The castle was exclusive to them with a sign on the entry way establishing it was closed for a private function.  After 11 months of dating following with an engagement in March, all eyes were on Ciara as she strolled down the aisle in a custom Roberto Cavalli white lace gown.
The estate was not only magical for the singer and Seahawks quarterback but the guest as well! With 48 bedrooms to accommodate 100 guest including heart-stopping choices for the reception the experience appeared magical.
Four different reception rooms; The Great Hall, The Drawing Room, intimate wine cellar and a popular favorite the Hexagonal Room.
How many people can say they got married in a castle? Here’s the kicker,  the Wilson’s were married under U.S law prior to this matrimonial celebration.
Almost every girl dreams of a spectacular wedding and Ciara got just that. Resembling a queen with her bridesmaids Kelly Rolland and Lala Anthony by her side, the atmosphere was fit for this pop sensation.
Ciara had a secret bachelorette party last month in Vegas following with a rehearsal dinner at Liverpool hotel Tuesday.  The Wilson’s are goals, with true love and companionship they made an oath to restrain from sex before their wedding night.
Wednesday, July 6th 2016 is a day Ciara, Russell, family and friends won’t forget. This was an exemplary wedding for the books!
Taylor White
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