Top Current Beauty Trends of 2016

Every woman knows that every year, some unanimous trick or trend relating to beauty goes viral. Women flock to them as their saving graces to look their ultimate best! Well, this year we currently have eight new trends that everyone is seeming to pretty much love.

  1. Non-Touring
What? Yes, women are actually doing away with the famous contouring technique, & going for a more fresh, clean look. The goal is to make yourself look as natural and bare as possible.
  1. Rainbow Hair
Yes, rainbow hair is something that is still very trendy for some women. Whether you have short or long hair, some will definitely rock it, and rock it proudly.

  1. Glitter Roots
Something that's a little on the daring side is applying glitter to your roots. This cute but messy trend is easily attainable with a dab of gel & whatever color glitter you're feeling that day.
  1. Highlighter
For those women wanting to achieve an angelic, glowing look, they should be sure to try this out. Highlighter does the opposite of glitter-it gives off a shimmery shine without the extra umph.
  1. Matte Lips
Don’t want gloss, but a bomb looking lip? Matte is for you. Matte lips are bold, but toned with their polished finish. Unlike gloss, it stays exactly where you apply it, & it lasts literally all day.
  1. Colored Freckles
As if your beautiful face isn't enough, one way to jazz up your look is coloring in your freckles! You can do this by applying lipsticks and different pigmented eyeliners on your freckles, for a new daring look. It's pretty edgy too!
  1. Boy Brows
These brows are simply thicker than usual. When you're feeling a bit boyish, you can fill them in and brush them to your liking, to make them appear thicker than usual. Pretty cool right?

  1. Co-Washing
Ditch your shampoo and co-wash your hair! Co-washing is simply washing your hair with nothing but conditioner. It gives your hair more shine and softness. It also keeps it healthier! Can't go wrong with that.

Ashley Lambert
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