Baby Blues

The scene from Love & Hip-Hop: New York that revealed the news
Our hearts ache for you too, Remy! Remy Ma, the conceited rapper, suffered a devastating loss recently on a season seven episode of Love and Hip Hop: New York. Remy announced during the hour long VH1 hit reality show that she lost her baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. Hip-hop’s very own, Remy Ma, takes to Instagram in a heartfelt video regarding the loss. With a defeated voice, Remy Ma expresses her pain but assures her fans that she is still all the way up. “I never, for one second, thought that it would end like this, with me in the hospital…with stitches in my stomach and no baby”.   In the video’s caption, Remy explains the shock of the loss in addition to the emotional support provided by husband and rapper Papoose. Within moments of the video surfacing on Instagram, an outpour of concerned fans flew to her video comment section with sympathetic messages of warmth and personal anecdotes of their paralleled struggles.

Though this traumatic loss came as a shock to many, Remy Ma and Papoose aren’t the only celebs that shared such devastating news with media about their miscarriages. After her 2013, “Life is but A Dream” HBO Special, BeyoncĂ© expressed her miscarriage through her own song, “Heaven” which pairs a solemn melody with lyrics like, “Heaven couldn’t wait for you…so go on, go home”. Barbara Walters regarded her miscarriages as mere inconveniences during an interview on NBC. “I had had several miscarriages…And when I did, they were never reported. I would take a couple of days off then, and go back to work.” The support appeared abundant as Remy Ma concludes the caption with news that she’ll still be giving pregnancy another effort as in vitro seems to be another option. We hope so too Remy!
Fans react via Twitter to the couple's tragic loss
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