Black Magic makes History with Oscars Nominations

What a comeback for the black community! Many recall the 88th Academy award better known as the Oscars where not one African American was nominated. Some list celebrities were Will Smith and his beauty Jada as well as the talented Spike Lee insisted that that black community unite and boycott the award shows. This prompted much back lash. Kudos are in order to all the amazing actors who represented and put the black community back on the map. Maybe ABC isn’t the only ones who are becoming more “Blackish.”

World renown Actress Viola Davis is officially “killing the game” being the first African American woman to be nominated for 3 academy awards. This clearly is the year for black excellence. 2016 was definitely a year to remember for actor Mahershala Ali. From cameos to star roles he’s made his impact in the black community but as well as the academy. With roles in Moonlight and Hidden Figures this is the beginning for a long but very promising road. Not only did Ali and Davis give everyone a run for their money, they paved the way. The 89th Academy Awards will be a true testament of black power. This is the first time ever for black actors and actresses to be nominated in every category! Just like the song said, “ain't no stopping us now”

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