Chrisette Michele tries to explain herself again via The Breakfast Club

BLAME IT ON HER… Chrisette Michele goes on popular radio pod cast The Breakfast Club to explain why she performed at President Trump’s inauguration. She says she agreed to the performance so “they” can see what the black community has to say, what the black community looks like, and how the black community talks. Truth be told, does she even know what the black community has to say? Because the black community probably would have said not to do the performance and there are other ways they can be seen and heard… Did Michele forget, “ JUST BECAUSE WERE MAGIC DOESN’T MEAN WERE NOT REAL!” A real one would have stood by the decision of her people and not perform for a check and publicity.
Because of her performance Michele has been disowned by her family, talked down on by other celebrities and to top it off her music was banned in Spike Lee’s upcoming Netflix series, Black Girl Magic. Maybe the singer had one too many epiphanies and she cannot think straight. There are other ways to DO IT FOR THE CULTURE.

-Rachael Parks
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