Louis Vuitton x Supreme For the Culture

Louis Vuitton meets the don of street wear less than a month into 2017. The popular fashion house known for it’s classic purses and elegant designs worked with top street wear brand, Supreme in an unlikely collaboration. Both brands took to social media to showcase some pieces before the entire collection dropped January 20th during Paris fashion week.
Major streetwear influencers are wearing the collection including Travis Scott who appeared to be super excited flooding Instagram with pictures of the collection. It will be interesting to see what type of response the collection will have after its drop next fall. 
The collection has already got a nod from GQ style for one of its Louis Vuitton leather coats which was named best looks during Paris’ fashion week. It is refreshing to see the designer collaborating with a millennial cultured brand and expanding on their LV monogram collection products. 
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Purse

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