Meet Kimberly Steward: The Black woman who produced six time 2017 Oscar nominated film “Manchester By The Sea”

Kimberly Steward is the definition of Black Girl Magic. Steward, 34, produced the film “Manchester By The Sea”. She is the daughter of billionaire businessman David L. Steward. Steward started her own production company “K Period Media” in the year 2013. “Manchester By The Sea” attracted a load of attention at the Sundance film  festival. This is the first feature film  Steward finacially  produced through her company. After Oprah Winfrey, she is the second black woman producer to have a Oscar nominated film for Best Picture. The film has a total of six Oscar nominations. When asked what her greatest ambition is for her company, Steward stated "My goal is to back auteurs. We're interested in running with films that a lot of studios haven't jumped on.” With all of her success, Steward has plans to help make the film industry diverse. “Together, we can really diversify what we're going to see in the future."

-Tahshea LaBrew

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