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Serena Williams continues to make history one slam at a time. The tennis superstar won her 23rd career Grand Slam at the Australian Open against her sister, Venus.  The Williams sisters shared an emotional hug at the end of their 1 hour and 22 minute match. The on-court rivalry over the years has never gotten in the way of the Williams’ sisterhood. Serena made that very clear when she congratulated Venus, saying that she has alwaysinspired her to be the best player she can be.  

Don’t get it twisted! Venus is no stranger to winning Grand Slam titles either. She has won seven in her career, and fought her way to this year’s Australian Open since she was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome in 2011. Venus was thrilled to share this moment in tennis history with her sister. She stated that she was grateful to be alive and breathing to enjoy this beautiful moment.  Venus also defies the odds by becoming the oldest woman, age 36, to advance as a finalist in the Australian Open.  

Records shattered, history made, and sibling rivalry defied. What is next for the Williams sisters? For now, Serena can enjoy the fact that she still holds the record as the oldest women’s champion at a major in the Open Era. Serena said it best on her Instagram page, “The top is never lonely when your bestfriend@venuswilliams is there.” Looks like Venus will be enjoying this moment just as much, because when one sister wins, they both win. 

-Alexandria Moreland

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