Speak Your Piece or Keep the Peace

Peace has officially taken a backseat at Shia LeBeouf’s Anti-Trump peaceful protest rally.
LeBeouf is videoed screaming directly into a Trump supporters ear yelling, “He will not divide us”. LaBeouf is seen following the supporter around before and after he is quoted saying, “We must secure the existence of people and a future for white children”. David Lane, a prominent leader in The Order (a white supremacist terrorist group), conceived the term within his “14 Words” slogan. Trump’s supporter seemed unfazed as LeBeouf pushes into him aggressively still continuing the original, “He will not divide us” chant. Trump’s one and only supporter on the scene flees as a bystander approaches to break up what appears might escalate further.
LeBeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” movement commenced at 9 AM on the morning of Trump’s inauguration. Donning the side of the wall at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image, this new surveillance camera will be recording 24 hours a day, during the duration of Trump’s next four years as a lightning rod for peace. Recording 24/7 allows people to speak their peace, protest without violence and have a voice amongst these turbulent times. A website, www.hewillnotdivide.us, will broadcast the stream from New York to the world. LeBeouf has been pictured next to his new installation since it began as somewhat of a security monitor.
Though no real damage seems to have been caused to the Trump supporter, LeBeouf’s hostile behavior displays a message to all opposers of this resistance. With LeBeouf’s past run ins with the law and track record of drug reminiscent behavior, who’s to say that this movement will stay peaceful for much longer. Four years is a long time for opinions to bubble over into mainstream media in America. Hate is easily a comment through a surveillance camera away. Could this be another episode of “Here we go again, Shia?”
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