The King or The GOAT

Nike has mastered the art of re-releasing its most popular signature shoes of yesteryear. The sneaker superpower has seen success in “retroing” silhouettes like the Air Force One, the Foamposite, and the Nike Dunk just to name a few; but there’s one line of shoes that seem to take flight every time, Air Jordan’s. In any original colorway, Michael Jordan’s first shoe, the Air Jordan 1 sells out almost every time, and for any sneakerhead, that shoe is a must. But there was a new kid on the block nearly 2 decades after His Airness first graced the court in 1985.

The King, LeBron James has arguably the most popular signature sneaker line out now, and it’s safe to say that it rivals MJ’s. Now on the cusp of King James first sneaker retro we ask the question, The King or the GOAT? The Nike Air Zoom Generation first released in 2003, and in his first game, King James racked up 25 points and 9 assists. The Black Cat in his first game scored 16 points and had 7 assists, but is that enough to push the AZG passed the iconic Air Jordan 1?

Well, the Air Zoom Generation is set to release again on January 25th in select stores. Will you be getting your hands on a pair?
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