TV Icon Mary Tyler Moore passes away at 80

Sitcom icon Mary Tyler Moore sadly passed away this afternoon. TV’s first hot housewife was known for her back in the day sitcoms like The Dick Van Dyke Show and her own The Mary Tyler Moore show. The 70’s it-girl made her mark in award nominating roles for Ordinary People and her Broadway role in Whose Life is it Anyway? just to name a few.

Mary Tyler was born in the concrete jungle borough of Brooklyn and grew up in Los Angeles. This explains the glamorous edge that Mary Tyler Moore brought to our television screens all these years. The brunette beauty made her mark as she tackled feminist issues in light of the Women’s March that happened this past weekend.

Moments before her death was announced, Moore was admitted into a Connecticut Hospital earlier today. She was diagnosed with diabetes at an early age, 33 years old and dodged an almost tragic bullet when she almost went blind from the disease. She has dealt with her health issues in the public eye for a long time and has been an advocate for diabetes and animal rights. Mary Tyler Moore took Hollywood by storm. Her pearly whites, vibrant personality and groundbreaking career will surely be missed.

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