Wendy Williams No Show to the Trumpet Awards

Gossiping daytime show host, Wendy Williams was a no show at yesterday’s taping of the Trumpet Awards. She received the Trumpet Award for Entertainment, but was not there to receive it. Williams backed out two days prior to the show taping due to high demands. Wendy had a lot of extra requests as if she was the only one being honored. Trumpet organizers tried negotiating with Williams’ reps, but they couldn’t come to an agreement. 

The “How You Doing” talk show host demanded to fly in 8 people and bring all 8 inside with backstage access passes, as well as a camera crew to follow her every move. The Trumpet Awards organizers never gave a flat out no to Williams, but tried to work things out. Williams also demanded to use her own transportation services, but the organizers asked if she could pick a cheaper company.  Wendy wasn’t feeling the miscommunication between her demands and what the Trumpet Awards were offering and she decided not attend the awards. 

Wendy reached out to  the event organizers and expressed that something personal came up and she wasn’t going to be able to attend. Production staff and organizers took it personal and were upset because they looked forward to Wendy Williams attending, especially after she advertised it on her show. Williams’ may have pulled a Monique with the demands, but hopefully she can make peace with the Trumpet Awards and her fans.

Davon Moore
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