59th Grammy Award Ceremony

The Grammys started off with a monumental hello as Adele struck the ears of everyone attending and those watching at home. Later that evening Adele gave an emotional tribute to George Michael, which she almost was unable to make it through. She stooped mid way as tears poured from her eyes and profanity out of her mouth.

James Cordon who followed Adele’s intense intro with a hysterical entrance hosted this year’s Grammys and had many memorable skits including a karaoke carpool with Tim McGraw, John Legend, J Lo, Blue Ivy and many more. Other performances include BeyoncĂ©’s stage play/ musical/ performance of the year, Katy Perry’s incredible moving house, and Bruno Mars terrific tribute to prince that was sure to make doves cry.

Sunday night’s big winners include chance the rapper for best new artist and best rap album, Adele’s hello for song of the year and record of the year and 25 for album of the year and BeyoncĂ©’s lemonade for best urban contemporary album.

-Anthony McBarnette
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