Pass the aux cord! Prince’s music is officially on all streaming services

After Bruno Mars got crazy for the Prince tribute at the 2017 Grammy Awards, the doves are crying for joy now that the catalog of Prince is available on streaming services. Many digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora sent out special announcements to their customers about the news. Millions of users are eager to listen to the countless partisan hits by the singer. Now this is good news for the millions of fans that can listen to purple rain at their leisure now however, this move goes against what Prince wanted for himself.

Any fan of the "Kiss" singer is aware that Prince managed his catalog and chose when and where it could be used. The music icon put in an incredible amount of effort to be independent and to have control over his own music. Before he passed away, Tidal was the only digital platform to have exclusive streaming rights to Prince's music. He even streamed his concerts and released his latest music on Tidal. Unfortunately, Prince’s estate dismissed the late performer’s wishes. For Prince fans this is a win-lose situation. The fans get to groove to the music but this controversy is disappointing to his legacy. One thing we can all agree on is that Prince’s music is one hot thing we adore.

-Tahshea LaBrew
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