Don’t Call it a Comeback!

Comedy’s own funny man Kevin Hart is back in action! Hart was a real hit at the Comedy Cellar’s open mic night usually for amateur’s on Friday evening. The audience seemed stunned when Kevin  took to the stage to practice his new material for the first time. Hart gave a heads up to the audience with a warning before practicing his new act, “they won’t be bad, I promise.” The crowd appeared to be in stitches as one audience member reported that you could “hear the laughter by the bar.” This funny man seems to be stepping back from the silver screen and getting back to his roots, which seems to come as shock since 2016 was a big year for him being in so many major motion pictures. Kevin was featured in “Central Intelligence” besides The Rock, “Ride Along 2” with Ice Cube, and even a cartoon feature in the children’s movie, “The Secret Life of Pets”.
            Hart’s new material seemed to hit it big as he described his experience through his hashtags on his latest set of Instagram photos, #Comedic Rockstar Sh*t, #Back In the Comedy Club Gym, #I love this Sh*t”. Hart seemed to be on a comedic high for the rest of the weekend he posed with Cedric the Entertainer for Super Bowl Sunday clutching martinis and engaging in a hearty Instagram-worthy snap! What’s next for Kevin Hart? We don’t know but we hope he pulls up to a comedy club near us!

-Aubree Brabham
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