George Lopez Curses Out an Audience Member

Comedian George Lopez has brought turmoil to social media after his racially-charged joke at a comedy show, Saturday night in Phoenix. “There’s still two rules in the f****** Latino family,” Lopez said. “Don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our house.”

The comment didn’t sit well with a woman in the audience. She flipped him the middle finger, which is when he began to repeatedly curse her out and have her escorted by security. Lopez was unapologetic of his actions and tweeted (and then deleted) the following Tuesday, "You have two choices, have a good day or get the fuck out."

The actor's response left his Twitter mentions in shambles. Fans and critics argued over the comedian's right to freedom of speech. Many questioned if statements like Lopez's should be included in comedic acts. Lopez stands by his statement, and hasn't acknowledged and of the backlash.
- Pashan Adkins
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