Get Rich Or File For Bankruptcy Trying

Many men… many, many, many, many men have debt over me but 50 Cent is now no longer bankrupt. According to the associated press the infamous gangster rapper had his bankruptcy case discharged by a Connecticut judge. The Candy Shop Crooner paid off his 5-year plan early after settling in multiple cases of legal malpractice lawsuits with former lawyers.

One of the 21 questions being asked, is the bankruptcy just a strategy not to pay up? Fif owed over 7 million dollars to Rick Ross and Lastonia Leviston for leaking their sex tape, had a boxing company that went under, and owed millions to a headphone company for stealing ideas.

Many celebrities use bankruptcy as a cop out and then laugh their way to the bank. Tyga filed for bankruptcy after being sued by his landlord. The rapper racked up over 35,000 dollars in interest for one of his luxury whips. Nelly also filed for bankruptcy shortly after the IRS made it clear that he owed some big ones. And who could forget about President Trump's Atlantic City casinos that went under the sea four times. 

-Anthony McBarnette
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