Have you checked your Twitter lately? Two twitter accounts with anonymous users have gone viral and are blowing everyone's minds away! The twitter account with the handle @Beyoncefan666 has been making accurate predictions about the future since June 2016. Today February 1st 2017, Beyoncé announced that she is expecting twins. On July 22 2016, @Beyoncefan666 tweeted “Okay so Beyoncé is gonna announce a pregnancy in February(2017).” The account also predicted Donald Trump’s presidential win in June 2016 and Lady Gaga’s album release. The most recent tweet from the user is 4 days old and states “Beyoncé is pregnant. She told me.”  Everyone on Twitter has been going crazy because of this! The user has yet to react to the accurate prediction.
Now the second Twitter account is a bit different. Twitter user @RoguePOTUSStaff has been tweeting private information about Donald Trump from the inside of the White House. Two of those tweets include “When well intended patriots disagree, that's democracy. When POTUS says it's not fact until he approves it, that's tyranny.” “POTUS son-in-law tapped as advisor. Appears Kushner's assignment is to advise POTUS how govt can aid Trump Organization's profit margins.”  The mysterious user behind the account admitted that they started the account because of Donald Trump’s unprofessional tweeting habits.

-Tahshea LaBrew
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