Here is Why Chance the Rapper is the Most Accomplished Independent Artist

The blessings are surely falling in Chance the Rapper’s lap. The Chi-Town native, took home 3 Grammy awards from his 7 nominations last night for best new artist, rap performance, and album! This is the musician, songwriter, and activist’s first Grammy win at the age of 23. You sure don’t want any problems with Chance. After 6 years of being active in music, he still refrains from signing to a label, becoming the first streaming-only artist to snag a Grammy nomination.

Chance’s second mixtape, Acid Rap, had put him on the map to feature with many hip-hop moguls like Kanye West, Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ©. These connections led him to be the first independent artist to perform on SNL, twice at that! Also, the first to perform at the Espy’s. Along with his burning desire to incorporate his spiritual beliefs and signature pitch in his music, is the compassion he has for the city of Chicago. He organized his own iconic festival with over 47,000 fans, setting a record at the newly improved Soldier Field Stadium. The family man never forgets where he comes from and reassures his audiences of the beauty within the controversial city. Let’s not forget the most important thing…his music is free! Chance the Rapper has officially set the bar high.

-By Pashan Adkins
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