J Spills the T About NSYNC Breakup

We all cried a river when Justin Timberlake and the rest of the 90’s boy band NSYNC said “Bye Bye Bye” for good. The pop and movie star revealed to The Hollywood Reporter Magazine the real reason why he left the group. The 9-time Grammy Award winner decided to part ways at age 21, with no strings attached. One of NSYNC’s last stadium tour performances was the final straw. The 5 members of the group were not on the same page, and JT felt like he cared more about their music, so it was time to go.


What goes around comes around. The “Rock Your Body” singer followed his heart later built a successful solo career. Timberlake is now a husband to the beautiful actress Jessica Beil, and focused on raising their son, Silas.


If you’re thirsty for more J-Tea, the upcoming Britney Spears biopic will take care of that. The movie will highlight Britney and Justin’s relationship, played by Natasha Bassett and Nathan Keys. “Britney Ever After” premieres February 18th, on Lifetime.

- Alexandria Moreland
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