Long Live the Obamas

After a wonderful 8 years with President Barack Obama and his family, many people are missing the historic family’s presence. If you are one of those people, there is no need to worry because Chicago based designer Joe Freshgoods has released a line for Obama lovers to pay tribute to our beloved president.

The new line is titled "Thank You Obama". It features 7 pieces that any Obama fan would enjoy. The collection includes a shirt thanking our former first lady, Michelle Obama, a message to Malia t-shirt, The Obama’s wedding tee and several other dope pieces. Even though these are pieces of clothing a continuous message runs across the bottom of the website stating, “Do Not Wear. This is Art.”

I guess it is up to the buyer to wear or frame their new Obama gear. Freshgoods stated that these pieces are not only paying tribute to the former first family, but are also about remembrance and empowerment. Chicago native and longtime Obama supporter, Chance the rapper is the model for this new line. The Obama’s may be gone from the White House but will never be forgotten.

- Kayla Boone
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