Madonna Adopts Twins

The Queen of Pop has added two new additions to her throne. Madonna officially completed the adoption process to become the mother of two adorable twins, Stella and Esther from Malawi.  Just a few weeks ago Madge denied the adoption, but the 58-year-old entertainer was granted custody from the High Court in Malawi.

The material girl appeared in court along side her lawyer, and the twin’s father and uncle. Madonna expressed her excitement and confirmed the adoption on Instagram with heartfelt gratitude for the well wishes from fans and supporters in Malawi.

Madonna is known for her radical appearances and words, but one thing this Material Girl takes to heart is the well being of children in Malawi; she is the proud founder of the Raising Malawi an organization founded back in 2006. The icon’s impact and work was very beneficial in the adoption process.    

Adoption is nowhere near new for this American Pop Star, back in 2006 and 2009 she took in son David Banda and daughter Mercy James. Madonna is also mom to biological children Lourdes and Rocco, who she lost in a custody battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.  

- Davon Moore
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