Meet Rachel Lindsay, ABC's First Black Bachelorette

After a 14-year run, the ABC show has cast their first African-American bachelorette. Rachel Lindsay, a 31-year-old lawyer from Texas, defies the stereotype pop culture has established of black women as love interest. Both shows have received criticism for the lack of diversity or romantic interest that the leads have towards people of color. Whether ratings will boost or decline, this is stepping stone for the controversial franchise.
Lindsay told Michael Strahan on Good Morning America “I’m honored to have this opportunity and to represent myself as an African-American woman. And I just hope that people rally behind me like they did in Nick’s season.” Lindsay’s goal is to find love like everyone else. “Even though I’m an African-American woman, it’s no different than any other ‘Bachelorette,'” she said. Although this is a bitter-sweet spoiler from the current “Bachelor” contestant, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that someone wins the new bachelorette’s heart!

- Pashan Adkins
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