Leading Men of the 89th Annual Oscars

The Oscars was a bit quiet in attire when compared to some of the off the wall outfits worn at this year’s award show but still slick nonetheless. One who never fails to disappoint is style icon Pharrell. He was caught wearing an all black Chanel official couture tuxedo that made him look like the flyest magician to ever step on the red carpet. He complimented the superb tux with a bow tie, diamond brooch and layers of black pearl necklaces.

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Next we have Ryan Gosling who sported a more simple and sophisticated look. He wore an all black Gucci suit with a black velvet collar and a white Antos shirt with black lined ruffles going down.  

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Moonlight's Trevante Rhodes did not disappoint on the red carpet. He arrived in a dark purple tuxedo and definitely made a statement!

Blue velvet was popular among the men!

We have Justin Timberlake who popped up in a regular black tux with white shirt from Tom Ford. Maybe he didn’t want to steal the shine from his wife, Jessica Biel, who looked drop dead in a gold Kauf Manfranco long dress.

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Lastly we have John Legend who had the best accessory... his wife!

Stay tuned for more Oscar updates in fashion and events.

-Anthony McBarnette
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