Oscars Swag

Hollywood is gearing up for the Oscars and many celebrities are expected to arrive in designer threads. The A-List list celebs aren’t just in it for the recognition and the show, but are anticipating the swag bags. The Oscar’s legendary gift bags got nothing on Oprah’s favorite things. You’re probably wondering why theses rich entertainers who can afford to buy anything they want, would crave these extravagant bags worth of freebies.

Included are…

  • 6 days at Kauai’s sunny South Shore - $1585
  • 3 nights at Lost Coast Ranch in Northern California - $28,750
  • 3 nights at Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como - $3920
  • 10 year supply of Oxygenetix makeup - $62,000
  • Hydroxycut Platinum weight loss supplement pills - $39
  • 10 sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky - $1960
  • Dandi Patch sweat patch - $43
  • Oomi smart home system - $785
  • Haze Dual Vaporiser - $410
  • Chapstick - $6.50

The gift bags are worth double of most people’s yearly salaries, averaging out to nearly $260,000. Back in 2006, the Academy officials stopped giving out bags once the IRS launched an investigation, noting that the highly expensive swag should be treated as income, not given as gifts of thanks. Although these hot ticketed items are given freely to the Oscar nominees who attend, but also endorse top competitors.  Regardless of past issues with the gifts, celebrities stick can’t wait to get their hands on a magical bag.

- Davon Moore
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