#PrisonBae is Stealing Yet Again

Our hearts that is! We all remember the hunky criminal who appeared in the mugshot above back in June of 2014. Donning him #PrisonBae, the internet went wild for Jeremy Meeks, a real hunk with a mean streak. A lot can change in a few years though! This smooth criminal has just made his modeling debut walking in his first NYFW show for Philipp Plein. Our own little #FelonBae is out here prospering! Originally being brought in on weapon charges, his mugshot went viral after being released on the Stockholm California Police Department’s Facebook page. After being sprung, this “Hot Felon” is trying (and succeeding) at modeling signing with White Cross Management.


Mr. Meeks has been doing well for himself. Gaining 820K followers on Instagram through his verified account and an outpouring of support for his amazing turn around, Jeremy is no longer in jeopardy of being placed behind bars. Rumors have even been spreading that he and Ajak Deng are hanging out together. In one moving caption off of his own Instagram page, this jailbird says, “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.” Deep stuff. Although his nose is now clean, can we get just one iconic mugshot? Asking for a friend.

-Aubree Brabham
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