Shining While Throwing Shade at Drake

DJ Khaled dropped a surprise single following last night’s Grammy Awards. The song entitled, “Shining,” features Queen Bey and Jay Z.  The edge snatcher, who took home two Grammy Awards last night, sings about how she’s been happy, smiling and shining. Her hubby, Jay Z joins the party, referencing his twins that are on the way.  While they’re shining, listeners are speculating that the 6 God is catching some shade. Jay raps, “I know ya’ll ain’t talking summers, right? I know you walkin’ round talkin’ down, saying boss sh*** when you a runner right?”...Sips lemonade.


The cover art includes a picture of Khaled’s adorable infant son, Asahd Tuck Khaled. This new single is a Major Key alert, and an anthem for anyone who doesn’t need a man, money, or accolades to still shine. You played yourself if you haven’t listened to the track yet. Check it out exclusively on TIDAL.


- Alexandria Moreland

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