Split and Its Sequel

The psychological thriller, Split, has made another landmark in terms of its twists, turns, and surprises! Shyamalan captured his audience with a film that represents real life situations while adding horror and suspense.

Kevin Wendell Crumb, a victim of child abuse and abandonment, has 23 different personalities who all want a chance to “shine in the light”. While operating with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), one of Crumb’s personalities kidnaps three teenage girls and brings them back to his home, where he locks them in a basement. Throughout the film, Crumb’s multiple personalities begin to overshadow who he really is, causing concern to rise in his therapist. After doing research on a young blind girl who is able to see her multiple personalities, Dr. Fletcher is convinced that Kevin is a victim of DID.

Shyamalan has hinted that there will be a sequel to split, based on his ending scene of the film. Though tons of fan questions flooded social media, it seems as though we’ll just have to wait and see the next project Shyamalan is working on!

- Raven Able

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