Super Bowl 51 ends with Patriots for the Win!

As most may have felt the more experienced team would jump on the young inexperienced team that was far from the truth. After one quarter of football the game began with a 0-0 start. Most of the world expected the complete opposite of what was displayed in the game tonight against the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. Not even close!! A defensive game, great plays from the young dirty birds a.k.a Atlanta Falcons got the jitters out by jumping out on the veteran team 21-0. Brady and Bill Belack went into halftime down by the biggest defaced they ever had in any Super Bowl they've played in. 

With 2:06 left in the 3rd quarter New England finally scored a touchdown. However, much like the prior two quarters of football mistake after mistake has plagued New England as the field gold kicked misses the extra point. Can't help but think, will the experience of New England show up? Fumble, drop pass, interception, New England Patriots are playing as bad as they can play. Just as you really started to think the game was over here comes New England, cutting the lead to 20-28. Starting to look as though the lights are getting to bright for the young Atlanta Falcons. Tom Brady was under pressure all day, after being sacked 5 and down by 25 points Tom Brady puts the team on his back and marched 90 yards to tie the game 28-28. No team in the history of he NFL has come back from more then a 14 point deficit to win a super bowl. For the first time in Super Bowl history, the game went into overtime. Within minutes, Tom Brady did what he does best and showed the world that this was in fact their game. Scoring a touchdown, the New England Patriots fell to the ground rejoicing as Brady led his team to 25 straight points to win the Super Bowl, 34-28. Greatest Super Bowl of all-time. 

Rachael Parks
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