Which Kardashian rocked the Nude tribal look better?

  Coincidence or Competition within Kardashian family? Who it better? Or rather should we ask, who didn’t? Clad in nothing but body paint this soon-to-be Kardashian is baring it all in on her Instagram. Blac Chyna, fiancĂ© of Rob Kardashian, posted a picture revealing her naked body slightly painted in white with a tribal pattern design that seemed to melt along Chyna’s sexy frame. Many may remember soon-to-be sister in law, Kim Kardashian was photographed in the desert with ivory white lines are painted along her curves as well. Ooouuuu Sister, Sister. Is Blac Chyna showing Kim Kardashian that anything you can do, she can do better. Both leading ladies are putting their curves on display for the world to see, but that is nothing new. What is new however, is Blac Chyna’s waistline in the photo. It appears almost non-existent just 3-months shy of having her newborn baby, Dream Renee Kardashian. Don’t we all wish we could bounce back that fast? Kim Kardashian is set to testify in court in New York over her recent robbery of 3.5 million dollars worth of jewelry back in October. Bearing it all for Instagram? You’re doing great keeping up with the family name, Chyna!
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